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Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Monthly tuition is an installment into the September through June tuition.  A registration fee must accompany the application. A portion of the registration fee includes June’s tuition payment. The registration fee is not refundable unless the class applied for is full or CHILDWORKS cannot accommodate the child.



The CHILDWORKS curriculum is child-centered/emergent, with a choice of programs geared to the developmental age of the child. The curriculum builds on skills the child has and is constantly changing to add new information and experiences. The children are active participants in learning. CHILDWORKS nurtures the development of each individual and fosters creativity.

Classroom equipment is rotated so that materials change to relate to the current curriculum topic, the interests and skill level of the child. A wealth of equipment and materials are readily available for the child’s use.

The daily routine includes activities appropriate for the child’s developmental age group. Circletime, music, a variety of fine motor activities sensory, varied art mediums, blocks, science materials, easel painting, language development, socialization, math and reading readiness games, and outdoor play are offered everyday!

Parents are welcome at any time, to observe or actively take part in the classroom. Monthly meetings, conferences with teachers, newsletters, and classroom visits keep parents informed and involved in their child’s early childhood education.


At CHILDWORKS, children explore the space around them which has been structured for optimal learning experiences.

An individual approach to learning assures us that the child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs are met. The child’s natural love of learning is shown in their play. Play helps the child to learn new skills, problem solve, and improve social skills.

Parents are a very important part of their child’s growth and development and CHILDWORKS programs. Open communication between home and school is a top priority. Parents provide information about their child’s home experiences upon admission and throughout their years at Childworks. Our staff is always available for parent’s questions and comments.

Our Staff

The CHILDWORKS Staff are professionally trained and experienced early childhood educators who are also American Heart Association certified in first aid and CPR. Specialists in music, art, Science, etc. are on staff or consultants to our programs.

Judi Clyman is the founding owner/director.  Judi has Pennsylvania certification in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special education.  She also has a masters in education with a certificate in autism and the PA Director’s Credential.

It is the policy of CHILDWORKS not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, disability, sex, or sexual orientation in it’s educational program, employment policies or practices.